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Sun, 29 Sept


Apulia, Italy


Welcome to Inner Light Retreats! We organise transformative retreats for holistic teachers and offer our own retreats for individuals seeking personal growth. Join us to ignite your inner light and experience the power of retreats for mind, body, and soul. This is our upcoming couples retreat


Time & Location

29 Sept 2024, 10:00 – 04 Oct 2024, 04:00

Apulia, Italy

About the Event


Escape from the demands of daily life and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with your partner at the Inner Light Retreat in Puglia. This enchanting sanctuary offers couples the perfect opportunity to detach from the outside world and reconnect with their true selves in a serene and rejuvenating environment.

Why choose Puglia for your couples retreat?

1. Energetic Ley Lines: Immerse yourselves in the powerful energy that permeates this region, providing a profound backdrop for your spiritual exploration and personal growth.

2. Ancient Olive Trees: Experience the wisdom and grounding presence of ancient olive trees, which have stood the test of time and symbolize the strength and resilience of your relationship.

3. Detachment from Everyday Life: Step away from the distractions and responsibilities of your usual routine, allowing you to fully focus on deepening your connection and fostering a greater sense of intimacy.

4. Inclusive Retreat: The Inner Light Retreat warmly welcomes couples, providing a safe and inclusive space for all to embark on this transformative journey together.

Join us in this idyllic Italian paradise, where you and your partner can relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover the essence of your relationship. Unleash the potential for growth and healing as you embrace the beauty and tranquility of Puglia.

Escape the noise of everyday life and embark on a transformative journey within. Our retreat offers a carefully curated program designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in a variety of activities and experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and connected.

✨ Daily Yoga : Awaken your body and cultivate inner balance through invigorating yoga . Let the flowing movements and breathwork guide you towards a state of harmony.

🧘 Meditation and Gong Bath: Delve into deep relaxation and inner stillness through the practice of meditation. Indulge in the soothing vibrations of the gong bath, allowing its resonant sounds to wash away tension and promote profound healing.

🌬️ Soma Breathwork: Experience the power of conscious breathing with Soma Breathwork. Connect with your breath and unlock new levels of vitality, clarity, and personal transformation.

🎶 Chilled Music at the Pool: Relax and unwind by the poolside as you bask in the soothing sounds of chilled music. Let the melodies transport you to a state of tranquility and bliss.

🏇 Horse Riding on the Beach: Experience the thrill of horseback riding as you explore the sandy shores of Puglia. Connect with these majestic creatures and feel the freedom that comes with riding along the beach.

🎵 Pizzica Folk Dance Show: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Puglia with a captivating Pizzica folk dance show. Let the lively rhythms and enchanting performances transport you to the heart of this rich tradition.

⛴️ Boat Trip : Boat Trip along stunning coastline exploring the caves 

🌴 Private Villa Accommodation with Exceptional Amenities 🌴

During your retreat, luxuriate in our private villa, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Puglia. Indulge in spacious rooms, unwind by the  swimming pool with hydro massage . Additionally, a top class private chef will cater to your dietary needs with a delicious vegetarian menu, ensuring a nourishing and satisfying culinary experience.

Join us for 5 nights of transformation, connection, and self-discovery in the enchanting setting of Puglia. Immerse yourself in a holistic experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to embrace your inner light.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now and embark on this extraordinary journey with us. We can't wait to welcome you to the Inner Light Retreat! ✨🌟✨


Daily Yoga Classes 


Soma Breathwork

Sun Gazing

Fabulous DJ sets at the pool ( weather permitting)


Gong Baths

Meals created and provided by our top class  chef ( vegan vegetarian options) Brunch and Dinner 


Horse Riding on the beach

Evening with Pizzica -traditional puglian folk dance performance

Boat Trip 

Our mission is to shine a clear light on your quest for deeper purpose and reconnecting to your authentic self. We offer practical tools and clear guidance to bring back into your day-to-day allowing you to live to your fullest potential.

We are all put on this earth to live out our life's purpose, our soul is here to learn lessons specifically crafted just for each of us as individuals, yet we are all truly one collective consciousness.   Do you see the same 'lessons' being presented to you over and over?  That means you haven't quite learned the lesson yet.

On this journey we will work to clear your current and past life traumas, bring awareness to your life's challenges and move you through a deliberate series of exercises to bring you into the light of your life.

We call this process Metamorphosis or Connection to your Inner Light.  Like a caterpillar waiting to blossom, our mission is to help you find your wings, to help you find your inner power.  To soar through life with ease and grace and love for yourself and all those around you.

On this retreat you will:

  • Explore stepping into a life of awakened CONSCIOUSNESS
  • Break patterns that no longer serve you
  • Relax and unwind
  • Realign with your higher purpose
  • Redefine success 
  • Learn to listen to & lead from your heart
  • See obstacles as your greatest gifts
  • Meet your new soul tribe

This retreat is for you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in day-to-day stress from life 
  • You feel not worthy or/and unlovable simply not good enough 
  • Living a high functioning life and need time for yourself but don't know how
  • Ready for positive change
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Are feeling disconnected and alone despite all the people around you
  • Wanting to learn how to live a conscious, mindful, awakened life
  • Seeking community and connection

You will leave this retreat with know how  to:

  • Tap into your power
  • See how everything in your life is a gift here to serve you
  • Live from a state of love and allowing vs fear
  • Break cycles and patterns that don’t serve you
  • Make decisions that align with your highest purpose
  • Learn to live in the moment
  • Manifest abundance in all areas of your life
  • Create more joy & bliss in your life
  • Learn about miracles 
  • Learn to love and accept yourself fully 
  • Tap to the power of your sexual energy
  • Take with you tools and techniques which you can apply in your daily life


All the room choices are based on the first come first served basis.  

Availibility as follows :

1 Apartment: 1 double or twin bedroom  

2  Apartment : 2 trulli each with double bed and en-suite 

3 Apartment: 2 bedrooms : 1 with double bed 1 with 2 twin beds  or 1 double bed ( 1 barhroom ) 

4 Apartment : 1 double room en suite

5. Room with two single beds ,en-suite  


  • 5 nights all inclusive stay in a luxury private villa in Puglia Italy in luxurious trulli §
  • Meditation
  • Daily Dose Soma Breathwork  
  • 2 Sound journeys
  • Daily Yoga with all equipment provided for practice
  • Delicious brunch and dinner prepared by private chef 
  • Sunrise and sunset meditation sun gazing at the swimming pool
  • Sun loungers to relax by the swimming pool with hydro massage 
  • Pizzica evening
  • DJ music sets by the pool weather permitting
  • Mid stay cleaning service


Airport Transfers ( can be arranged)

Flights - Closest airports:  Brindisi, Bari 

Boat trip 

Travel Insurance ( strongly recommended )

Massage in the villa by appointment

1:1 coaching sessions with Marlena 

Reiki sessions

Pilates 1:1 

Alcohol & extra drinks , snacks 

Day excursion  horse riding on the beach


We can only accept reservations made through  email correspondence and brochure booking . A reservation will be deemed confirmed only after we explicitly confirm it after all details have been clarified via email correspondence. We cannot accept reservations made via telephone, social media or other forms. Even if a request is made under different form it will have to be confirmed by email correspondence in order to be valid.


We don’t issue any special confirmation vouchers. Our entire email history correspondence is the evidence of the specific terms and conditions of your particular reservation as it entails all information discussed and agreed upon.

A deposit may be required to obtain a confirmed reservation. We will notify you if a deposit would be necessary. If we do so, please read the cancellation policy before making a reservation request.


Rates are valid as published on our website and may change from time to time without prior notice. However rates and discounts for confirmed reservations will be retained as they have been agreed in our final confirmation email.

Rates are inclusive of all taxes and service charges.

Credit card payments are not accepted


A deposit is required in order to confirm a reservation . We can only receive payment of deposits via direct bank transfer.

Direct bank transfers needs to be sent only in Pounds Sterling. The amount we credit you with is the amount received, not what you send in international currency. Therefore ensure to instruct your bank to send the funds in Pounds Sterling net of all wire transfer fees. Please send a scan of your transfer by email, so we can trace your payment. Allow a few working days for clearance of the funds on our side.

Refunds of Deposit

– Deposit and full amount are non refundable  

- We advice to purchase travel insurance that would protect you in case of cancelation.

All programs have to be paid in full before the commencement of the respective booked program.

These are NON refundable.

If you decide to cut your program short, you can continue staying in the accommodation for the remaining days of your booked program, and to utilise the villa services that were included in your program (ie. yoga, meditation, etc…)

There are a range of products and services that are included as a part of the retreat packages including ( yoga classes, meditation, sound baths and other package) These can only be used during the specified period in which the retreat program was originally booked. Also the guest is free to use as much or little of them as they feel comfortable with. However note that we can not deduct or modify the program rate if they choose not to use any of these products or services.


Check in time is 10 am on the 29th of September  2024 and check out 10 am on the 4th of October 2024.


Airport transfers can be prearranged for guests who take part in a retreat program. Costs are not included in main price



We have a strict non-smoking policy, which includes the rooms, the balconies, and all other public places within the compound of the resort. It is imperative that you respect the right of other guests to not be subjected to smoking. If you need to smoke please ask our staff to show you the designated areas where it is allowed without disturbing other guests.

Guest Belongings

Inner Light Retreats will not be held responsible for any stolen or lost items.


It is important that you remain focused on your retreat program, which is the reason you have come here, while also respecting the rights of others to do so. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you refrain from any stirring conversations with other guests over issues that may disturb you. You may take these issues privately with the front desk or the manager but not discussing them in an inflammatory way with other guests. Remember that it is your right to have your own experience but you have no right to impose that experience on others in order to confirm your righteousness. Failure to do so, will be considered an important breach of our policy and may result at the management’s decision to cancel your booking and terminate your stay at the resort immediately with no refund or other compensation.


Taking certain pharmaceutical drugs, laxative based teas/supplements  are strictly contraindicated during our retreat program. Under no circumstances can any guest under our care partake in them. Furthermore management reserves the right to stop the program of the guest if they are found partaking in them. If there is any doubt in regards to these treatments or supplements, please discuss with the health managers. Alternatively guests are encouraged to do them before or after their program.

Following the schedule

Please follow the schedule of your retreat program. If guests choose to deviate or modify the schedule by removing or adding certain elements or services, Inner Light Retreats will not be held responsible for any complications as a result of this. In situations where a guest chooses to seek external medical care, treatments and/or recommendations while on the retreat, Inner Light Retreats will not be financially responsible for the cost and/or effects it may incur, nor any refunds/reimbursements resulting from the guest deciding to stop the retreat.

VILLA Resort Property

All the room choices are based on the first come first served. 

If any items in the guest rooms go missing during a stay, guests will be charged the amount it costs to replace these item/s. This includes missing/damaged remotes, bedding, towels, fixtures, furniture, lights, mirrors, etc. We are a small family-run business and have created a space to be enjoyed and respected. As we will do our best to serve you, please return the courtesy. Prices for any missing/damaged items is as follows:

• Bedsheets/Linen –€70 • Bed Runner – €45 • Tissue Box – €30 • Bath Mats – €30 • Cushions – €30 each • Bath Towels – €40 each • Pool Towels – €45 each • Face Towels – €20 each• Duvet cover- €135/85 • Key/tag – €40 • Lamp – €40/50


Please notify us of any medical or health condition you may have that we should know about or may be pertinent to the retreat program you are booking. We will advise you accordingly or request additional information from you before your reservation is confirmed.

In case that there is an accessibility request (i.e. wheelchair accessible room), please contact us before submitting the reservation.


 It is the responsibility of the guests to have adequate travel insurance that covers illness, injury, and trip cancellation, including coverage for travel to Italy from the UK. The retreat will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred  by the guests.


Guests are required to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking. Guests are also expected to follow all safety instructions and guidelines provided by the retreat staff


 The retreat reserves the right to make changes to the retreat schedule, facilities, or instructors as necessary.


Any personal information received will only be used exclusively to make your reservation and successfully complete your retreat program. We will not sell or redistribute your personal or financial details information to anyone neither directly nor through third party. We take your privacy seriously and guarantee that your privacy is protected.

Through our privacy policy the use of your personal information is subjected to confidential legal privileges.

Photography: Guests agree to allow the retreat to use any photographs taken during the retreat for promotional purposes.


We may update our policies from time to time without prior notice. Always check our latest version posted on our website. Please see our Privacy Policy here

To book contact 



Or email


  • Deposit

    Deposit to secure the space

    +£15.00 service fee



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