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Inner Light Retreats and Other Events

Developed for contemporary wellness seekers experiential travellers and people open to change expand and flourish.  Discover the joy of not being alone in your soul searching. Practice yoga, meditate and sun gaze to sunsets in the evenings surrounded by beautiful landscape. 

Transform at all levels: emotional, physical, energetic, mental. 

Get to know different meditations and  tools to keep you vibrating high and authentically no matter what life brings, relax by the pool and recharge with massages, experience sound baths breath work to the beats of amazing cutting-edge brainwave entrainment meditations sounds and music at dusk.  

In addition we organise retreats for holistic teachers. Join us to ignite the inner light and experience the power of retreats for mind body and soul.

Our Puglian Retreats

Welcome to the gallery of photos from the Inner Light retreat! We invite everyone to join us and explore the special and enlightening moments we shared during the retreat.

Upcoming Inner Lights Retreats

Join us at our upcoming wellness retreat in Puglia! Discover serenity in a luxurious villa with a private chef. Immerse yourself in meditation, yoga, sound baths, and Breathwork. Experience self-love workshops, boat trips, and horse riding. Be transformed in the beauty of Puglia. Reserve your spot now!

Inner Light Retreat May 2023

Upcoming Events

Inner Light Retreat October 2023