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Floating Sound Therapy 1:1

£ 65

60 min

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As your ears hear sound vibrations, your brain responds accordingly. Soothing sounds made in a Gong Bath encourage the brain to relax into Alpha and Theta brainwaves. In this calm state your brain and body are able to experience healing, creativity, improved focus and memory, plus a reduction in stress and anxiety.In addition, your immune system, digestion, other systems and organs are able to function more effectively as the body can focus on function and healing rather than thinking, reacting and surviving in it’s Beta brainwave mode.Many people find it easier to achieve meditation during a Gong Bath than other relaxing settings, as the sounds played keep the brain engaged in Theta waves more easily – reducing the likelihood of falling asleep during the session (Delta waves) and helping to ‘quiet’ the mind more quickly. This session is performed while in the hammock floating above the ground and absorbing sounds from every angle.

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